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E learning or teach online is another form of the new communication era. Today, a vast majority of the organizations are using eLearning to deliver a wide variety of training programs.

Technology based e learning not only saves precious training dollars, but also is very effective. A big benefit of these learning solutions is that learner can move through course materials as quickly or as slowly as they choose.

Training world has undergone major changes since the introduction of computers and the Internet. E-learning is increasingly becoming an established mode, right from enriching knowledge to trainings across corporate sectors, owing to increased technology and ease of access of the Internet.

In this article, let’s see the reasons that bought e-Learning such wide-spread acceptance in Information technology training sector.

Cost effective  

It is highly cost-effective to an organization. For organizations, training employees means invest a lot of money. The more the number of employees, more the cost of training via the traditional classroom method of training.

Global reach 

E-learning can simply be placed online and easily accessed by people around the world.


E-Learning courses are highly scalable. Any requirements concerning inclusion of new topics, technologies, growing number of target audience, etc., can be addressed with ease at very minimal costs

Enhanced productivity

Traditional classroom training method implies loss of productive hours for the learner and also for the organization, apart from time and resources spent by the management to organize training.

Ease of accessibility 

Courses can be accessed 24X7 by anyone willing to learn, they can choose convenient timings to pursue them.

Multiple devices/mobile

E-learning courses are literally in the hands of the people who need them, at all times. As Online courses can work on computers as well as on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Better employee retention

Employees feel more confident and valued when equipped with proper training and grow with organization that helped them to acquire new skills.

Go Green

Go Green is intrinsically implemented by every organization, everything goes paperless in e-Learning.

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